Sunday, October 23, 2011

Easy Homemade butter!

ok well, the other day I decided to make some butter. There are two methods to doing this. One seemed a little easier other like less work than the other. I will include them both here, as this week I will be trying the second version!

Last week: Easier
Get heavy whipping cream. Using a hand mixer, beat until the whipping cream starts to separate. (this is buttermilk :)). strain out the liquid, and use or drink. Put butter in a container, and using a spoon, press down to get the extra liquid out. drain, and put a lid on it.

It took all of about 10 minutes probably to do this.

This week: Harder
Start again with the whipping cream. But in a jar with a lid and shake til separates (see what I mean, but hey I've got a two year old, so I am gonna let her doing the shaking haha). Again it will start to separate! Follow the same directions as above!!!!

So there you have it! This butter was so much better than anything you can find in the store. I think when I go to Central Market next time, I am going to try and get organic cream, since I just used regular!!!!

One plus side to making so much of my own foods. Not only do I know what is going in them (and its NOT high fructose corn syrup which is in everything that you buy pretty much.....I won't start on that topic), but making it is so much cheaper, I can afford to buy more organics!!!!

Tomorrow I will share how to make yogurt, then homemade carmel apple pie :)..

To bed for now though, night all

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  1. what type (or even brand) of whipping cream did you use? Great post, Thanks