Saturday, May 7, 2011

Get Healthy Challenge

After watching a show on TV the other day, *I honestly can not remember the name*, I realized how terrible the food people in America are eating really is.  I can not even really go to the grocery store any more without feeling sick to my stomach.  I have decided that even though it means more work for me, I am cutting out as much processed food as I possibly can.  I mean really, have you gone to the store and seen how many items have hugh fructose corn syrup in them?? Next time you are there, try it.  See if you can find something that DOESN'T have it.  Yeah yeah yeah, they say its fine "in moderation", and maybe in moderation it is.  But people don't realize that there is no "moderation" when it comes to high fructose corn syrup because it is in almost everything we buy.  No wonder so many people have cancer and diabetes.  We are all being lied to and fed crap. 

So I am going to start making all of our snacks for myself, my children, and my husband.  I plan on each week after going to the store on sunday evening, preparing 6 different snacks for the week.  I am really bad about having easy to grab foods in the house, and being a breastfeeding mom of a almost 2 yr old, its REALLY hard to keep weight on, because well, I forget to eat.  Ive even gotten to where I am 5-10 lbs less than I was before I was pregnant. And being 5'2", being barely over 100 lbs is not necessarily a good thing.

ALso, all of my recipes will be budget friendly.  We do not have a high grocery budget, so that is going to be a huge consideration for me.  I am also going to start using everything I have stocked up in my pantry, and have had for ages, and then I will spend a few weeks basically starting fresh with all new items!!!!!

My first snack, even though its not necessarily the cheapest, but is very very heart healthy is to always have walnuts, and grapes on hand.  Grapes are pretty cheap right now, at less than 2$ a lb. Walnuts on the other hand are about $6 a lb.  So, for about 8$ a week, maybe a little less, we always have that to nibble on between meals.  Not to mention grapes and walnuts both help with elasticity with the artery walls in your heart.  So, for one snack, I guess I will splurge!!!!!!

Also, on top of my list, is drinking more water.  I have always had a problem with drinking enough water.  A lot of days I don't drink any at all.  I have a couple of reuable water bottles I am rotating in the fridge so its always cold.  My goal is to drink between 64-80 oz of water each day.

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