Thursday, June 30, 2011

Potty Training

Last week, I decided I was gonna get my 22 month *almost 23* month old daughter potty trained.  She shows all the readiness signs, and even stays dry all night and when shes napping.  I got some books, and decided I was gonna try the "potty train your child in one day" method.  I was so excited, got everything together, and was ready to start.  I woke her up this morning, all excited. 

Well, that was a failure!!!! I could see how it would work on a 2 1/2 - 3 yr old, but not a child under 2.  She just doesnt have the understanding.  I was frustrated, and she was just not interested at all in everything I had set up for her.  BUT, there is some success to my story.  She has had 2 pee pees since she woke up this morning, and they were both in the potty :).  So, even though that method was a failure for us, I still think shes ready, just not interested in quite as intense training!!!!! I could really see how it would work well for a little older child though.

Anyone have any potty training tips I should know about?  Or any funny stories?????


  1. Sound interesting for me who is so ready to have my own baby.

    Good luck on the training!
    Please update the further training;>

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  2. She will get it, sometimes it just takes time. This is a huge milestone in the growing up phase. I have fond memories of myself jumping up and down in the bathroom and clapping my hands during this stressul time!

    Good luck!