Thursday, August 4, 2011

Update on Potty Training!!!

Well, I was asked for an update on our potty training, and have been so busy lately I seriously have had NO time to get on the computer!!!  WEll, our update is.........SHE HATES THE POTTY NOW haha.  She decided she wanted nothing to do with it, after she did so well for a few days.  There was one day that she tried to get to the potty to poop, and didnt get there quite in time.  She pooped all over the floor and on the side on the potty yeah, she gave a whole new meaning to pooping ON the potty and ever since then she has HATED it.  So I gave in and put her back in diapers, and I am going to give her a little more time.  Its frustrating, because well, I HATE with a passion washing cloth diapers, but what else should I do? It even got to the point where she would CRY and SCREAM when she was pooping. Then she would hold it in, and for days because she just didn't want to go.  So, well try again in about 2 months I am figuring.  But until that time, I am going to work on a new task with her....ending breastfeeding.  I swore I would go until she was two, and the time is quickly approaching in just a few short days :(.  So, we have slowly been working on cutting out one session at a time, even though some days she just wants to nurse like crazy.  I am to the point where we started working on night time first, because for a few nights all she seemed to do was nurse at night.  Thank God the last two nights she has slept through the night with NO nursing!!!!!!!!  Man was it good to get a full nights sleep.

So there is my update.  I will try and keep up with updating, and keeping up with this, now that life seems to maybe be settling even for just a few days!!!

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