Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kemp Ridley Sea Turtle Release

While I was on vacation in Corpus, I got to do something really cool, that few people will ever get to witness.  Kemp Ridley turtles are on the verge of extiction, and are only found on the coast of texas and mexico.  I think the guy told us that in the 80's they were down to like 70 nests or something, although I could be wrong on that number.  ANyways at our favorite beach, maliquite beach, we noticed a sign when we were leaving for a sea turtle release.  I was super excited to go, even though it meant getting up at 530 am to get there. They let the turtles go at sunrise, as they instictively go toward the sun.  There were a total of 67 baby turtles, that were really cute.  Here they are taking them out of the box, so they can start their little journey of about 5 yards to the water!
Here they brought one of the babys around so everyone could see them upclose!
It took a while, but here the first one is almost to the water! Hes the tiny little speck of black :)
And hes in!! Hes right next to the farther guy in the yellow life vest, again a tiny speck of black haha
And hes in, I could see his head when I was there, but you can't really see it on the pic.
ANother one almost there :)

Overall this was such a cool experience.  I feel so lucky to have been there, as it was absolutely amazing.  Its really sad to think though, they released 67, and said only 2 or 3 of them would probably return next year to lay more eggs....thats not very many

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