Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easy and Fun Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Do you feel like you run out of things to do with your toddler? I know I do.  She still has a pretty short attention span, unless you put on the TV, which I really do not like doing even though sometimes it comes down to it. So I have decided each week to find a simple craft to do with her, and we will share it here with all of yall.  Todays craft was an Easter craft.  Very easy and simple, and we already had all the things around the house to do it, so it did not cost anything, which makes it even better!!! Our craft was glueing cotton balls and colored pompoms on a bunny picture.  She had a blast, and loved putting the cotton balls or clouds as we call them) onto the bunny.  Keep in mind my daughter is 20 months old, but this would be a suitable craft about 12 months to about 4-5 years. Of course I helped a lot, but a 2 or 3 year old could probably do most of it themselves. 

First, we gathered all of our supplies.   
For this project we used this website to get and print out our bunny outline. 
http://www.shininghours.com/creating/bunny_outline.htm.  Then we gathered cottonballs and pompoms, construction paper, school glue, and sissors. 
Start out by spreading the glue on the bunny.  I did this part for her, because last time I let her use glue, we were both covered with it.
Then I showed her how to put the first pompom on, and gave her the next one.  At first she just kinda threw them on there :)

Before I knew it, there were GLOBS of cotton balls on the bunny :)
Finally, she finished ran out of cotton balls.  So we took off all the extra and set the picture outside for the glue to dry
Finally, after it dryed for a white we cut out the bunny
and glued it on some construction paper so it would have a pretty background :)

And here is our finished product!! She wanted to give it to her daddy so we wrote happy easter, her name, and date :)
This is a really great craft for small children, and we had a lot of fun doing it.  Hope you and your child can have fun with it as well

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