Monday, April 11, 2011


Do they make you freak out as much as they do to me?!?  So you could image how freaked out I was when I saw a good size spider in my kitchen window today, where it had set up a web.  I totally freaked out, got a knife, and stabbed it a couple times, then washed it down the sink.  OMG I actually KILLED one.  Normally, I run, and hide!!!

So I went to the internet, and searched natural ways to kill spiders, because harsh chemicals are banned in my house.  I found they hate citrus, baking soda, vinegar, and some other stuff.  SO tomorrow I am on a mission :).  I have actually used a mixture of vinegar, water, and lemon essential oil before, with pretty good success.  First off is to totally clean my house.  Cuz, well lets face it, theres a lot of clutter for the stinkin things to hide in.  Ok seriously, just talking about them is making me itch...... Another great product is diatomaceous earth, or DE for short. Its GREAT for killing ants, spiders, fleas, and other creepy crawly things.  Just make sure you get the food grade kind, and not the pool kind.  The food grade kind is also effective for worming your animals, and some people even eat it, so it is totally safe around kids and animals. And its really cheap too.  It does take a few days to work though, because it "cuts" up the insect, and dehydrates it.  We even dust it straight on our dog to keep off fleas.  Just make sure that if you put it in your yard and it rains to reapply it!!! 

Anyways, anyone have any great tips for organizing the endless amounts of clutter in your house?? I am at a loss there, but it really needs to be done!!! Lets all share some great tips with each other!!!!!!!!!! Oh and if you have any other natural spider killing tips, I am all ears.

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