Sunday, August 28, 2011

so excited!

I dropped off some of my grandfathers suits today at a local consignment store.  I got to talking to them, and they asked me to bring in some crocheted and fabric bows and headbands.  I am so excited!! I feel like this is such a good way to get some more of my creations out there and seen!!!So this weekend I will be busy crocheting up about 20 flowers, and also making about 10 fabric flower headbands, as well as a few ribbon ones!!!

I also got the idea to talk to a college book store here in my town.  Seeing as I live in a college town, I figured I could probably sell quite a few hats, scarves and bows to college students this coming up winter!! Hmmm, now if I had a place I could set up shop for the high school as well :).  Heres to hoping my business really takes off!!!!

Hope everyone is having a good day

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