Friday, September 9, 2011

New and Different Spegetti

Yup, another kraft recipe. This is a great alernative to the "traditional speghetti", yet it is still spegetti, which most kids love. It is also a good recipe to sneak in some vegis for those picky eaters! (which luckily for me is something I do not have to deal with, as my 2 yr old LOVES vegis, and will eat anything green on her plate before anything else....heck she even calls broccoli "brocci-awesome!). Ok sorr to get off track!! Haha. Here is the recipe. Hope you enjoy and are all having a great day!
If you decide to try it, tell me what you think also!
Tomato and Spinach Pasta Toss
penne pasta
1 lb italian sausage out of casing (I used all natural breakfast sausage with some fennel seeds and italian seasoning)
1 pack spinach leaves
1 cans italian diced tomatoes
mozzarella cheese
parmesan cheese
italian dressing
cook pasta.
while cooking pasta, brown sausage
add tomatoes, dressing and spinach to meat and cool until the spinach wilts. Add mozzarella cheese and cook til cheese melts.
drain pasta and pour sauce over pasta. add parmesan cheese on top
Another great thing to this recipe was how quick it took. Literally about 20 minutes max, maybe 15 minutes, and dinner was on the table. This is a great one for those super busy nights with sports and dance after school!!!

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