Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Ok, maybe its just me, and I am easily offended, but why do a lot (not all) doctors think they need to be pushy, and that their opinion is how I should raise my child.  I was with my step daughter at a dr appt for her, and I happened to mention how I am trying to night wean my 2 yr old.  And its difficult.  Shes persistant, but thats ok, I am working at it. 

This dr asks me if shes in my bed, and I said yes.  I believe in co-sleeping.  To me, babys can't defend or do anything for themselves, they can't even talk.  Why would I want to put her in a totally different room from me? What if something happens and she can't cry? I wouldn't know anything is wrong.  Thats just how I feel.  I like her in my bed, and I am not forcing her out yet.  Shes my baby. 

Anyways, this dr gets all cranky at me and says "your never going to get her weaned if she is in your bed".  I just got quiet, and kinda shot her a dirty look.  Did I ask your opinion? NO.  I have had a lot of bad experiences with doctors in regards to my daughter.  I don't even like to talk about it.  I am really picky about who I want her to see.  I am picky about vaccinations, and there are some I don't think that she needs to be given.  And doctors, and some other people criticize me for that.  Isn't that my right as a parent to make these decisions?  Why do I get odd looks from people when they find out I still nurse my 2 yr old? What is wrong with that? Its good for me, and good for her.  I don't judge other people, and don't push my opinions on them how I think they should raise their kids, and don't criticize them for what they do and don't do.  I don't feel that is my right to do that. 

To me, I feel people have been brain washed.  They think that drs are really smart, and they are doing what is right.  They don't look into facts, or info on what medicines or vaccines they are getting, they just do it because the dr says its best.  But its not always best.  There are a lot of times it actually hurts worse.  They just say to do it, because they make money from the drug companies.  At least thats my guess.

Ahhh I just don't get it all.  I will quit griping so much, and will post a yummy recipe tomorrow, because I am more than sure you all are sick of hearing so much of my opinions and whinyness!!!

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  1. I did not breast feed nor did I co-sleep. I wish I had even if only for a little while. If I knew God's plan was to only give me two children, I would have done many things differently.

    Pardon but, screw your doctor. His opinon stops at medicine. He 'personal' views or theories do not have any value. After what I have been through for 11 years of being ill & having MOSTLY male doctors tell me it's HOUSEWIVES DISEASE... oh Lord don't get me started. I would be very upfront and state though you value his medical opinion you would like it to stop at that.

    YOU do what is right for YOU & YOUR BABY. Your know your baby best. To heck with what others think. I have 9 brothers. I joined the army. Had I listened to them, I may not have been successful when I was in. Turns out, the army loved me and I loved it. Then, I got pregnant hehehe. I chose to leave for a normal lifestyle for my little one. But, I learned so much when I was in. It just goes to show you, you know best what is best for you and yours.